Think globally. Live locally.

I nabbed over twenty years ago.

I believe I was one of the early adaptors – and I’m glad I nailed it down. Through the years, I’ve discovered there are many Ken Kemps out there. Certainly, some would happily to grab the URL should I fail to pay the fee. So I stay current.

Narcissism? Maybe.

This old site is something of a portal for me now – with Facebook and Twitter and social media, a web-site and blog have become old school.

That said, I’m giving it something of a face-lift – as an easy place to access information about my life – my family, my work and the writing that just keeps on proliferating.

It’s under construction now, but soon you’ll find links to old archives, though some of the links are forever broken. All those old LeaderFOCUS articles will remain online. It will be kind of like rummaging through an old closet, or attic.

As time goes by, the circle of friends extends around the world. The family grows. If you’ve read this much, you must be one of those folks who are part of that world.

Your friendship keeps me going.

My family, my work and my writing have taken me places I only once imagined. The globe shrinks. Its more and more accessible. But at any given moment, we are local – focussed on what or who is right there before us.